Business Telephony

VOXIT provides a range of simple but highly flexible business telephony solutions that are both affordable and scalable.

Hosted VoIP/Centrex

Our business telephony solutions go beyond what a traditional PBX would offer and they can be implemented anywhere that a conventional phone line or broadband line can be installed. Our system can work over normal subscriber lines or take advantage of advanced IP based technologies. We’ll advise you on the cost and feature benefits of both.

Additionally, we can develop new custom software or integrate existing applications like CRM systems or even Twitter into the solution. We can give you power and flexibility you may not have considered before, and we do this in a scalable and cost effective way

Suited to – Companies that need a professional offering for employees that currently use mobile phones or that employ home or remote workers.

Managed Onsite VoIP PBX

Our on-site solutions are installed on your premises and have the capacity to grow with you. On site solutions are particularly suitable for companies that need to handle a larger volume of calls without impacting quality of service or prefer a more hands on approach with the system we provide.

Suited to – Businesses currently paying inflated costs for telephony support/maintenance or with multiple office locations or expanding companies that need their telephony solutions to scale with them.

Managed Onsite VoIP

Our top tier offering is for businesses with a very large call volume, multiple locations and remote workers and have a requirement to heavily integrate the phone system with multiple in-house applications.

Suited to – National organisations or larger companies that require integration, call monitoring and analytics combined with a reduction in their telephony costs.

Business Telephony Features at a Glance

  • Features

  • Hosting PBX

  • Onsite PBX

  • Onsite PBX +

  • Conferencing
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Talking Clock
  • Screen Popping
  • Call Recording
  • Local Phone Directory Service
  • Last Number Called
  • Speed Dial
  • Centralised Control
  • Department Queues/Groups
  • Call Pickup
  • Call Barring
  • Custom hold music
  • Marketing Messages
  • KPI Call Reports
  • Hot Swap Redundancy
  • Legacy Integration


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  • Telephony Testimonials

    A moveable phone line, multiple numbers and extensions and top notch support whenever it is needed is a total godsend. We can work from both the office and home and customer service levels remain constant because we still answer all our calls. An affordable VOIP service from VOXIT is an essential tool for any business.....
    Sean Middleton
    Quay Systems Ltd

    VOXIT installed a VOIP system for us about a year ago now. They assisted us in deciding on the set up and the type of phones to use. We are very happy with the results and the phone system works very well. Voxit has provided excellent support throughout (not that we have needed it much) and we are very happy to recommend them. ....
    Eva King
    Brent King